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Greetings from our State Governor - James Preston 

Greetings from the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida. We have recently revised and updated our website to better inform you about the Florida Society, and what is happening at our active state organization and 17 colonies throughout the state. We welcome new and transferring members to our organization. The Florida Society is one of the largest state organizations of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Membership information is included at this website.  Please feel free to contact one of our state or colony officers for additional information. 

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The Florida Society, the 28th state to organize, was chartered 31 July 1937 with 24 charter members.  The organizational meeting was held 07 Aug 1937, at “Perrydell” in Rio Vista, overlooking the Halifax River, north of Daytona Beach.  The first annual meeting was held in Jacksonville in the home of the Secretary.  Dinner was $1.00 per plate.  Initiation fee $5.00; annual dues $3.00; and, Life Membership $50.00.

The Florida Society's Charter was presented by Governor General Burnham Standish Colburn.  GG Colburn (NC #1 & first NC Mayflower State Governor) was the Governor General of the General Society for six years, from 1933 to 1939.

By 1958 six colonies had been chartered and many followed.  We now have 17 colonies throughout the state:


Geographic Location:


1. William Brewster Colony Miami 22 Nov 1942
2. John Alden Colony Fort Lauderdale 1949
Dr. Samuel Fuller Colony Tampa 1 Apr 1950
3. William Bradford Colony St. Petersburg 1951
4. Francis Cooke Colony Daytona Beach 10 Nov 1954
5. Richard Warren Colony Ponte Vedra Beach 15 Nov 1957
6. John Howland Colony Winter Park 1962
7. Edward Fuller Colony Polk County 1968
8. Isaac Allerton Colony West Palm Beach 1970
9. Myles Standish Colony Naples 1975
10. Edward Winslow Colony Tallahassee 1977
11. Elizabeth Tilley Colony Sarasota 1982
12. Edward Doty Colony Pensacola 1989
13. William Mullins Colony Ocala 27 Mar 1999
14. Stephen Hopkins Colony Vero Beach 13 Nov 2001
15. James Chilton Colony The Villages 10 Jan 2004
16. Henry Samson Colony Fort Myers 26 Oct 2011
17. Samuel Fuller Colony Palm Beach 13 May 2016

We average 1300 members annually with an additional 981 junior members in 2010.  The organization is involved in school programs, telling about our ancestors’ lives and history and what it means for our country today.  The state organization sponsors an annual scholarship program for High School seniors.  A working Board of Assistants make it all happen and great fellowship makes our organization so meaningful.

Constitution and Bylaws
FSMD Officer Handbook

What do I need in order to join the Florida Mayflower Society?

You will need to document each generation between yourself and the Mayflower Pilgrim. Primary evidence consists of birth, death and marriage certificates.

Who do I contact in order to join?

Contact the Historian at the colony which is geographically closest to you. You can see a map of the colonies by clicking the "colonies" link.

How can I document my lineage?

Always start with your immediate family, documenting births, deaths and marriages. In addition, many of the colonies supply local libraries with the Mayflower silver books, which are published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. The silver books contain the first five generations of most of the Mayflower passengers. Your colony historian is available to assist you in finding the necessary documentation and to fill out your application.

How much does it cost to belong to the Florida Mayflower Society?

Fees are as follows: There is a one-time fee of $115.00 to process your application. The yearly dues are $34.00.

How can I transfer my Mayflower membership to the Florida Society?

You need to request the transfer by contacting the historian of the Florida colony of choice and the historian of your current state. The previous state historian will verify that your dues are up to date and send a copy of your lineage papers and "letter of good standing" to the Florida State Historian. There is a $5.00 fee to transfer to Florida and generally a $5.00 fee is required from the previous state.

How can I become a member of the Florida Mayflower Society and still keep my membership in the original state?

You can become a "Dual" member, but will be required to pay dues to both state societies. There is no reciprocity for life membership from other states and you will be required to pay dues to the Florida Society. The procedure is the same as a transfer.

How can I contact the historian or other officers in another state?

You can check the website for that state for contact information, or each Spring issue of the Mayflower Quarterly lists each state with names and addresses of its officers.

What is the cost of supplemental applications?

The fee ($115.00) for supplemental applications is the same as the original application.

Can I find out if someone has already documented my line?

Individuals seeking copies of established lineage should contact the national organization in Plymouth. Information is available at http://www.themayflowersociety.org. There will be a fee of $20 charged for the copy. The state historian can request an approved application without cost, if requested by the colony historian to assist an applicant who is documenting his line for membership.

Where can I purchase the silver book on my Pilgrim ancestor?

The Mayflower Library in Plymouth.  Click here to go to the Mayflower Society Page.  Once there, choose "Books and More"...

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