Society of Mayflower Descendants PA (SMDPA) – Mayflower Film

On the evening of Saturday, November 14, a brand new documentary about Mayflower passenger George Soule will premiere on YouTube.  The film was created by Caleb Johnson, noted author and Mayflower researcher who served as our SMDPA Annual Meeting guest speaker in 2019, and also features our own SMDPA Board Member and professional voice-over actor, Brian S. Atwood, as the film’s narrator.

The 39-minute film, called simply George Soule, covers George Soule‚Äôs biography as well as interviews with Mayflower researchers Sue Allan and Simon Neal, who, along with Caleb, are actively trying to track down George Soule’s origins.

Viewers will be able to access the documentary through Caleb’s web site or via his new YouTube Channel.